In the 2000s, many enthusiasts criticized Porsche for jumping on the SUV bandwagon with the original Cayenne. Some were concerned the Zuffenhausen brand would gradually abandon sports cars to print money with sports utility vehicles, especially with the subsequent launch of the smaller and cheaper Macan. But look where the German brand is today, offering 718 and 911 lineups that have never had so many members.

The rising popularity of SUVs has allowed Porsche not only to invest in its core sports cars, but also diversify the lineup with the addition of the Panamera and its wagon sibling. At the same time, the electric onslaught has started with the Taycan and its long-roof counterpart, with a Macan EV arriving next year. Yet another member could join the portfolio as a three-row SUV speculatively rendered here by Kolesa.

Porsche three-row SUV rendering

They've taken a current-generation Cayenne as the basis and stretched its wheelbase as well as the rear overhang to accommodate a third row. While the digital illustration is more of a shot in the dark using Porsche's latest design language, there is some evidence suggesting the company is planning its first-ever model that will accommodate more than five seats.

Positioned above the Cayenne, the three-row SUV is apparently earmarked for a release in the latter half of the decade, according to some Porsche dealers. They're also claiming it will have a plug-in hybrid setup while describing the styling as being a significant departure from the current crop of models. The "part sedan, part crossover" look mentioned by one of the dealers is particularly worrying since that mashup hasn’t exactly turned out great for the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept.

It remains to be seen whether Porsche will be playing it safe as this illustration portraits the three-row SUV or it will indeed opt for a completely different direction for its large SUV. Meanwhile, dealers are saying it has a “flat rear design” and could be followed by a purely electric derivative.

Design aside, a roomier SUV makes sense for deep-pocketed people who want the extra practicality without compromising too much as far as performance and handling.

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