Infotainment screens are becoming integral to how owners interact with their vehicles, so it’s no surprise automakers are focusing on ensuring the best user experience possible. Big screens are all the rage right now – if you select the right trim – while others are looking to add new novelties. For Toyota – and Lexus – that means spreading their latest systems throughout their respective lineups over the next three to four years.

Lexus finally replaced its much-maligned infotainment system in the new 2022 NX. It’s called Lexus Interface, and it gives the system a thorough and complete makeover. Toyota’s newest Audio Multimedia infotainment software got its introduction in the new 2022 Tundra pickup. Both are in-house built systems that provide the company with opportunities to offer an array of new services and functions to customers, which the automaker is already exploring, according to Automotive News that spoke with Toyota Connected CEO Zack Hicks.

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The new cloud-based systems can accept over-the-air updates, allowing the automaker to add new features and functions in the future. Hicks told the publication that it’s already looking into services such as remote refueling where a fuel truck would arrive to fill up a gas-powered vehicle. The company is also looking at new ways to monitor the car’s interior, including scanning for a heartbeat. This would allow the car to automatically roll down the windows if it detects a heartbeat and the interior temperature gets too hot.

The new systems will allow the two brands to begin offering various connected services, such as a parking garage locator to remember where you parked. Or you could also just take a picture of the floor number and not hand your location information over to yet another third party. Infotainment screens and the services they offer will become another avenue for automakers to entice customers to their brand as connected cars provide new opportunities – and risks – with how people interact with automobiles.

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