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The microchip shortage is no joke, folks. Some automakers have been forced to temporarily shut down the production of certain models due to the lack of semiconductors. Others have built incomplete vehicles, which are now patiently waiting at the factory to receive the missing parts before being shipped to dealers and customers. We've also seen cars being sold without features we now take for granted.

Volkswagen is no exception as its supply chain has also been greatly disrupted by the lack of microchips. After reporting about the Fox being sold in Brazil without a center screen, the company's regional division has no other way but to do the same for the Nivus (aka Taigo in Europe). The small crossover also does away with an infotainment system as all you get is a plastic lid where there used to be a touchscreen.

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Ironically, VW Brazil has made some changes to the Nivus for the 2022 model year and all flavors of the subcompact crossover now have a fully digital instrument cluster as standard. Yes, there's a screen in front of the driver but nothing on the center console, which we don't remember ever seeing before. To be fair, there is an option to add the 6.5-inch Composition Touch system for an extra $350, but the base model (priced at the equivalent of $20,000) doesn't have it.

One other unusual aspect about the entry-level Nivus is that VW still fits a rearview camera as standard, but it goes without saying it's basically useless without a screen. It's likely possible to buy the base version and retrofit the infotainment, which would make the rear camera relevant again. Should you want the touchscreen from the factory, there’s also the option of going for the Play & Tech Package, which also adds adaptive cruise control and wireless charging for the equivalent of $880.

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