Camper vans are compact compared to other forms of mobile living, but even they can be a bit big and cumbersome. Rarely do we see a standard minivan converted for on-the-road living; however, this new creation from Oasis Camper Vans does precisely that. The company primarily works at converting Toyota Sienna minivans into homes on wheels, and it’s pretty feature-packed considering the Sienna’s relatively small size.

Conversions start at $9,800, though, on average, a customer spends about $12,000, plus the cost of supplying the minivan. The company works with other makes and models, though those are a bit more expensive to convert. The small size does mean there are a few compromises the customer has to be willing to make, but the camper does offer a lot of the features one would need for a weekend outdoors, including a kitchen sink and portable stove.

Gallery: Toyota Sienna Camper Van By Oasis Camper Vans

The rear has had the third-row seats removed, giving Oasis Campers the room to install the kitchen, including a fridge. A hand-pump sink, which is plumbed to two gallons of freshwater, drains into a gray-water bucket. There’s a five-gallon water jug for drinking water. The Sienna also has a storage cubby underneath the kitchen for storing less frequently used items. Inside the main cab area is a small seat and bench that convert into the bed, which measures 4-feet-by-6-feet.

The Sienna camper van isn’t the most luxurious of mobile living space, though it’s certainly affordable, which isn’t the case with a lot of mobile living solutions. Oasis Camper Vans allows customers to choose the wood type for the cabinetry, the floor color, and the upholstery for the chair and curtains. The company also converters the Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey, and Chrysler Pacifica. It lacks a shower, but that can get overlooked for a few days in the great outdoors.

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