Every year, the American University Kogod School of Business creates an index to calculate the vehicles with the highest proportion of American-made parts. For the 2021 tally, the Ford Mustang GT with a manual transmission tops the list with a score of 88.5 percent.

To calculate these scores, the Kogod School of Business doesn't exclusively look at where the parts come from. It also factors where the final assembly occurs, the production location of the engine and transmission, whether the automaker's headquarters are in the US, and even where research and development happens.

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As an example, 77 percent of the Mustang GT's components come from the US or Canada. Kogod's other factors are what takes the score to 88.5 percent. The table below shows the vehicles in the top five in 2021.

Rank Vehicle Percent Content From The US Or Canada Total
1 Ford Mustang GT Manual Gearbox 77 percent 88.5 percent
2 Chevrolet Corvette 72 percent 86 percent
3 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range 65 percent 82.5 percent
3 Tesla Model 3 Performance 65 percent 82.5 percent
3 Tesla Model 3 Long Range 65 percent 82.5 percent
4 Ford Bronco with 2.7-liter V6 61 percent 80.5 percent
5 Tesla Model Y 60 percent 80 percent
5 Tesla Model S 60 percent 80 percent
5 Ford Expedition 60 percent 80 percent
5 Chevrolet Colorado with gasoline engine 60 percent 80 percent
5 GMC Canyon with gasoline engine 60 percent 80 percent

If you're curious about how things shake out in terms of manufacturers, Tesla has the highest average total domestic content at 81 percent. General Motors and Ford also ranked well with an average of over 70 percent.

Last year, the Ford Ranger topped the ranking, but it fell to 16th place in 2021. The reason was that the total domestic content in the trucked dropped to 45 percent, versus 70 percent in 2020.

Similarly, the Chevrolet Camaro with an automatic transmission ranked second in 2020. It dropped to seventh this year. The amount of total domestic content went from 83 percent in 2020 to 78.5 percent in 2021.

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