You've seen Honda's official teaser images and our shots provided by spy photographers, so now it's time to (digitally) peel off the camouflage in an attempt to unlock the design secrets of the new Civic Type R. Honda's hot hatch won't debut until later in 2022, but that hasn't stopped the folks over at Kolesa to remove the makeup and give us what is likely an accurate (albeit still very much unofficial) look at the VW Golf GTI Clubsport rival.

If the previous generation's design was too busy for your tastes, the revamped CTR should have a cleaner look if the regular 2022 Civic Hatchback is anything to go by. Don't go into thinking Honda has watered down the car's aggressive look as it'll still have a rear wing big enough to have lunch on. The Ferrari-esque, triple-tip exhaust is also here to stay, but the bodywork itself is easier on the eyes.

2023 Honda Civic Type R rendering

Contrary to wild rumors about Honda's complete rethink of Civic Type R formula by switching to AWD and a hybrid powertrain, the latest intel suggests a mild evolution of the tried-and-tested recipe. The already confirmed stick shift will send power to the front wheels and should work with a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine.

The jury is still out on how many ponies will be channeled to those front wheels, but logic tells us Honda will be massaging the four-pot to extract a bit more than the 306 hp and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) offered by its predecessor. As previously reported, the new CTR is expected to be the company's last car sold in Europe without electrification, so there's a lot riding on the performance hatch to live up to its last-of-the-breed status.

Honda will likely have the Civic Type R on sale in the United States for the 2023 model year. In the meantime, a little bird has told us the sedan-based Si will be out shortly.

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