A quick search for a living Porsche 928 up for auction will show examples with current bids around the $20,000 mark. But this particular example isn't any regular front-engine Porsche coupe – it's Tom Cruise's co-star in the 1983 film Risky Business, and it met a hammer price of $1,980,000 at the Barrett-Jackson 2021 Houston auction.

Of note, this mind-blowing price tag puts this 1979 Porsche 928 on a pedestal, now standing as the world record holder for auction sale of any Porsche 928 from any year, according to Barrett-Jackson.

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That said, this celebrity 928 becomes the headliner of the event, which hits $37.5 million in total sales. According to the auction house, the 2021 Houston auction had a 100-percent sell-through rate and 34 world-record auction sales, surpassing over 200 world records in 2021.

Apart from being a film star, the Porsche 928 is notably the car Cruise used to learn how to drive a manual. It isn't the one that met its doom at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Rather, it's one of three on-screen cars driven during filming and one of the two cars used in the iconic car chase scene.

Just a bit of a trivia, Risky Business writer and director Paul Brickman chose the 928 over the Porsche 911 because he thought the latter looked "too mundane" compared to the former. Originally painted green but later turned to tan for its role, this particular 928 became part of a climate-controlled private collection after its movie stint.

Barrett-Jackson didn't disclose the wealthy buyer of this famous 928 but for what it's worth, it sold for way more than we expected even with its celebrity status. Safe to say, its new owner should be very happy owning a piece of Hollywood history.

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