When you ask a BMW fan what the best 7 Series is of all time, you'll hear the E38 being the top answer more often than not. With its elegant, understated styling a stark contrast to everything after it, the third-generation 7 Series will be loved for many more years to come.

The top-spec 7 Series you can buy straight from the dealership during the E38's era was the 750iL. It's not often you get to see one unless you own one, so BMW Group Classic's latest video is a pleasant treat for this model's fans. Not only did they show a preserved E38 750iL, they also put the spotlight on two other very unique versions of this car.

BMW 750iL (E38) 26.10.2012

But first, the standard model, and it's a facelifted model judging from its headlights. Its M73 V12 is spotless, as one would expect from a unit that never left the care of its manufacturer. They also showed some of the innovations this generation had to offer. Some of its features, such as a heated steering wheel and satellite navigation, may seem trivial now, but it was a huge deal at the time it was being sold.

For the CEO who wanted more out of the 7 Series, they can always check out what the Individual catalogue has to offer. In the case of the second E38 on display, it had input from Karl Lagerfeld. The result is a rather interesting color combination of Canyon Red Metallic and Nepal Silver Metallic. But it's not just the exterior that gets a unique touch. This was designed by Lagerfeld, after all.

Inside, it has the usual '90s CEO shuttle features such as acres of leather and a phone. However, it's not often you see a car with an on-board fax machine and VHS player. Oh, it's got a mini-fridge too in case Mr. Lagerfeld felt a little parched during his trips.

Last but not least is the E38 7 Series that starred in Tomorrow Never Dies. By now, we all know it wasn't controlled by a communicator (remember those?). Instead it was driven by someone in the back seat. The best part is, all the gadgets work.

So which E38 7 Series is your pick? Would it be the standard 750iL, the Lagerfeld Individual model, or the one "driven" by James Bond? Either way, they're all really special cars.

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