Old Chevrolet G30 vans are a perfect base for a capable motorhome, such as this tastefully restored G30 Travelcraft we stumbled upon last week. Our latest Craigslist find is a perfect example of that. While the white exterior is kind of bland and mundane, this RV is actually one-of-a-kind and well-equipped.

Let's talk about the dimensions first. The Chevy motorhome for sale is 18 feet long, which means it's only as long as most minivans and trucks but smaller than most camper vans. Despite that, the seller says that a tall person standing at 6 foot 9 inches can stand inside.

Gallery: 18-Foot-Long Modded Chevy Motorhome For Sale

Then again, it's not all about space. With a completely remodeled interior, the seller said that it comes with 20 cabinets and drawers, along with outdoor storage. The vinyl flooring and carpeting are both new, while the walls are freshly painted. There's a refrigerator and freezer as well, along with a TV and custom-built furniture to maximize interior space.

Off-grid adventures are possible as the Chevy motorhome comes with two 175-watt solar panels on the roof, with two Trojan T105 6V batteries for 225 amp-hours. The seller said that it already produces enough electricity than you could possibly need. Inside, there are eight outlets with sixteen plugs, with complete LED lighting all throughout the cabin.

More importantly, it only has 78,600 miles on the clock, plus all the mechanical bits have just been recently replaced. There's plenty more information included in the listing, plus the photos you see here don't do justice to what this motorhome for sale can offer. 

But if you're interested, make sure to check the Sacramento Craigslist listing via the source link below and drop the seller a message. He's letting this go for $18,000. Good deal, if you ask us.

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