Ferrari is using hacked-up examples of the LaFerrari for developing what we are fairly certain is the Prancing Horse's next-gen hypercar. This video offers a fantastic look at the changes that the engineers are making to the older model for creating the new one.

Among the most interesting tweak is at the back. This video shows that there is a high-mounted, central exhaust. There's a mesh covering over the openings for a little camouflage. The pipes in the lower corners are just there to throw people off.

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From the back, you can also see that the rear window is smaller than what's on a normal LaFerrari. It doesn't extend all the way down the rear deck.

If you take a very close look, you can notice a large opening in the bodywork between the rear glass and the decklid. It's not clear whether this is for powertrain cooling, aerodynamics, both purposes, or something else entirely.

Ferrari has panels on the rear fenders for disguising something. Since the company is still using LaFerrari test mules, concealing an area would likely be for hiding a functional part of the vehicle, rather than a purely aesthetic piece of the design.

Compared to a standard LaFerrari the side openings have a different shape. There's a new downward-angled element, rather than being a purely diagonal design.

In front, Ferrari fits a new front splitter that sticks out farther. The vertical upright in the center is gone, possibly for increased airflow.

The combination of the visible exhausts and electrified test vehicle decals tell us this model is a hybrid. Reports suggest it uses a mid-mounted V12. The mill allegedly has over 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts).

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