The Citroen DS is still regarded as one of the most unique and interesting cars to ever reach production, and its heritage is still alive some 66 years later. The innovative spirit of the original DS (not to be confused with the DS luxury brand from the Stellantis family) fits perfectly with the idea of a modern electric propulsion, and Electrogenic decided to reinvent the model for the XXI century with a battery-powered conversion. 

The Oxford-based company retained the original car’s aerodynamic body but swapped the 2.0-liter gasoline engine for a brushless electric motor producing 120 horsepower (89 kilowatts) and 173 pound-feet (235 Newton-meters) of instant torque. Interestingly, the power is delivered to the front wheels through the car’s original manual gearbox. 

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Providing the electric energy for the powertrain is a 48.5-kWh battery pack housed within the DS’s body. Electrogenic promises a real-world driving range of about 140 miles (225 kilometers) per charge, and there’s a 29-kW charger that will refill the batteries to full capacity in about two hours. If the customer wants a larger battery for a higher range between two charges, it can be provided in a combination with a more powerful charger.

There’s no denying one of the Citroen DS’s defining features is the silky-smooth hydro-pneumatic suspension. Electrogenic has further improved the system by replacing the standard mechanical pump with an electric pump which is more silent and “delivers a more sophisticated ride than the original.”

From the outside, the only visual differences between the original DS and the electric-powered conversion are the lack of exhaust pipes and the subtle but distinctive “DS EV electronique” decal on the boot.

“Repowering classic cars with all-electric drive brings a number of benefits, from the ease of use to reliability and performance gains,” Steve Drummond, director of Electrogenic, explains. “But with our conversions, the aim is always to enhance the original characteristics of the car. In this respect, the Citroen DS was ideally suited to an electric conversion – the silent powertrain adds to the serene driving experience and fits perfectly with the character of the car.”

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