It’s been a year since Ford unveiled the all-new Bronco, and production is just now getting started after a painful number of issues delayed it. We know a lot about the new offering, though we expect to learn even more once it gets into the hands of customers. Until that happens, one new tidbit of information, which comes from, reveals that the new Bronco shares its transmission with the Ford Explorer.

Ford never specified which 10-speed automatic gearbox would manage delivering the Bronco’s power to its wheels, but recent rumors suggested that the two Ford models shared more than just their maker. Now, Ford has confirmed that the Bronco uses the same 10R60 gearbox found in the Explorer, though customers concerned about durability shouldn’t worry. Ford raced a stock Bronco with the stock gearbox in this year’s NORRA Mexican 1000 off-road rally to a third-place finish.

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Ford is producing the Bronco alongside the Ranger that uses the older 10R80 gearbox, though Ford is using it in the Ranger for very specific reasons. The 10R60 in the Bronco is rated to handle the output from the Bronco’s two available engines – the 2.3-liter and the 2.7-liter. The Bronco’s gearbox is lighter with a lower internal mass, reducing parasitic loss, and it’s more efficient than the 10R80, too.

Those who wish to toss gears themselves can opt for the available seven-speed manual. The Bronco has faced numerous delays due to COVID, and supply chain issues continue to disrupt what Ford can offer customers; however, it is finally nice to see the new SUV rolling off the assembly line. Ford announced the Bronco’s return over four years ago at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, and off-road enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for the nameplate’s return. Ford has helped to ease the pain of waiting, too.

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