There are skid plates, extra cameras, locking differentials, different wheels, and more.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 will come standard with the Extreme Off-Road Package, and it'll be optional on some future trim levels. Until now, there haven't been many details about the included equipment in this pack. The site GM Trucks was able to dig up some new info about the features of the Extreme Off-Road Package.

We previously only knew the pack included underbody armor, rock sliders, and wheels with 35-inch tires. According to GM Trucks, the equipment list also consists of 18-inch wheels in black with machined accents with Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT rubber around them. The mechanical protection adds skid plates for the front differential, battery, and rear differential.

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There's an electronically locking front differential, but the one at the back is a virtual locking differential, meaning the software code is forcing the wheels to spin together, rather than a traditional, mechanical method. There are heavy-duty half-shafts at both ends.

We already knew about the Hummer EV's UltraVision front and rear underbody cameras. GM Trucks says they are part of the Extreme Off-Road Package. The system makes it easy to see wheel placement, which can be very handy on a tight trail. In total, the vehicle's vast array of cameras gives drivers a total of 18 viewing perspectives.

Finally, the Extreme Off-Road Package includes both premium floor liners and rubber floors that include rubber inserts. This suggests you can take out the standard mats for a day of muddy off-roading and then use a hose to clean the cabin.

If you're planning on waiting for the GMC Hummer SUV, rather than the truck that's coming first, then the Extreme Off-Road Package is available for it, too. The equipment is the same, and the pack comes standard on the Edition 1, like on the pickup.

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