If a juicy rumor from early 2020 is to be believed, Volkswagen originally intended to cram in Audi's inline-five engine from the RS3 inside the Golf R Mk8. However, legend has it the Four Rings said no, forcing the peeps from Wolfsburg to rely on their 2.0-liter four-pot and extract a bit more muscle. The owner of a Golf R Mk7.5 took matters into his own hands and got rid of the stock engine to replace it with Ingolstadt's 2.5-liter unit.

This type of engine swap is far from being new as we've seen our fair share of similar projects over the years, but this has to be the cleanest and most impressive build thus far. It's from The Netherlands and the car belongs to Instagram user gry_r800, who happens to have 25,000 followers on that social media platform. His channel is all about the hot hatch, from the early days of taking delivery of the Golf R to the little monster it is now.

The heavily modified VW was recently captured on camera showing its immaculate engine bay, complete with its sweet-sounding TFSI. The engine in question carries the DAZA codename, meaning it's the original version of the outgoing RS3 before Audi ran into issues with making it WLTP compliant. Rather than developing the stock 395 hp and 354 pound-feet (480 Newton-meters) of torque, it now pumps out supercar levels of power.

German aftermarket specialist SAR-Turbotechnik was in charge of the engine swap and fitted the inline-five unit with a TTE700 kit from The Turbo Engineers. MTR-Performance handled the software and the end result is a Golf R capable of developing over 800 horsepower and 800 Newton-meters (590 pound-feet) of torque. Yes, that's more than even VW's own bonkers Golf GTI W12-650.

The Audi-powered Golf R Mk7.5 shares the spotlight with another heavily tuned version, this time around an Mk6 with a TTE480 pack.

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