Ford introduced the new F-150 Lightning last week and has so far racked up 70,000 reservations for the all-electric pickup. It won’t go on sale until spring 2022, though its arrival has some wondering if Ford will take it off-road with a Raptor variant. The company hasn’t said such a model is coming, though KDesign AG thought it would help the Blue Oval by imagining such a pickup with a handful of unofficial renderings.

What helps realize the off-road pickup is how similar the Lightning is in its design to the regular, gas-powered F-150. The two are quite similar, which makes creating a Lightning Raptor a breeze. The truck gets a raised suspension while losing the exhaust pipes. The Lightning’s bold lighting graphics on the front and rear fascias fit nicely with the Raptor’s tough, off-road aesthetic. The truck gets bold Lightning badging at the back, though, just like the regular Lighting, there may be a few too many badges back there.

Gallery: Ford F-150 Lightning Raptor Unofficial Renderings

It doesn’t seem likely Ford will develop a Lightning Raptor variant right out of the gate. The company has big EV plans for the next decade, aiming to have 40 percent of its global sales be EVs by 2030, and Ford plans to do that by electrifying certain iconic models. The automaker is developing a new EV architecture with a platform set to underpin future trucks with another serving for crossovers and “rugged SUVs.” If an all-electric Raptor were to happen, it’d probably ride on one of those platforms.

The Lightning certainly has the power and performance to keep up with and leapfrog the current gas-powered Raptor, which currently hits 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 5.5 seconds. Ford claims the Lightning can reach 60 a full second sooner. However, the hotter Raptor R is coming that has a supercharged V8 that could be quicker. We won’t see a Lightning Raptor anytime soon, but it also doesn’t hurt to dream.

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