Here in Motor1, we've seen a healthy share of weird stuff. But out of all the peculiar things we've covered, custom trucks that are running backwards take the cake as the weirdest. I mean, they're mind-boggling to look at, with the long bed at the front and the short hood at the rear. 

As Americans love their trucks, the big three from Detroit are the most common ones we've seen with this reverse configuration. We've seen a confusing Chevy truck in a video before, while a classic 1952 Ford truck has also been spotted before.

The one featured by 1320video on YouTube could be one of the most radical of the bunch, though. At one glance, it looks like a normal 1985 Ford F-150, complete with a bull horn ornament on the hood. But seeing it move, especially with the steering system under the bed, will confuse your day.

Spotted over at a successful Cleetus and Cars event in Indiana, the truck also has its engine residing within the bed. It will get more confusing as you look inside since the steering wheel is facing the supposed front windshield and the seats are facing the supposed upright rear window.

According to the owner, the truck was about to get scrapped when he got it. He decided to rebuild the thing with his father-in-law back in 2004, which is the very same truck you see in the video atop this page.

In case you're wondering if this truck's legal, you'd be surprised to know that it actually is. Watch the video above to see the encounters of the crazy pickup, as well as a bonus ride-along and burnout footages to further blow your mind.

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