The 11th generation Honda Civic is officially a thing. The extremely popular compact car adopts an exterior taste that's a bit more conservative versus the outgoing machine, borrowing plenty of design cues from the larger Accord. Of course, it borrows the Accord's sedan format though it's also available as a hatchback. It won't be available as a wagon, but a new rendering from X-Tomi Design makes us yearn for a Civic Estate reboot.

It's unclear whether the new Civic's conservative design language will help or hurt its future, but we think it's a key component to why this wagon interpretation works so well. Simple body lines allow the larger backside to look pretty darned natural on this updated model, though we also concede the end result is rather dull overall. Still, perhaps this could be a basis for a fun adventure-lifestyle vehicle aimed at the Subaru Outback. A little more ride height with a prominent roof rack could do wonders here.


Ordinarily we'd say such a thing would never happen, and honestly, it probably won't. We haven't seen a Civic wagon in the States since the fourth-generation era from the late 1980s, but Honda did resurrect its long roof for Europe in 2014. Called the Civic Tourer, it had a short three-year run and if we're honest, the ninth-gen Civic design wasn't terrifically flattering for such a model. It's noteworthy, however, because it shows Honda isn't opposed to revisiting a wagon world. So instead of saying never, we'll hold hope that this unofficial rendering finds some estate heartstrings to tug within Honda headquarters.

Until then, we have a new sedan and hatchback to get to know. We've already enjoyed an up-close look, including the snazzy interior which has garnered near-universal praise for its clean, handsome ambiance. The grille spanning a majority of the dash is a classy touch, and there's still plenty of tech in the form of a digital instrument cluster, an optional nine-inch center touchscreen, and an upgraded version of the automaker's Honda Sensing safety/driver-assist systems. And yes, both Si and Type R models in the pipeline.


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