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What's better than a BMW M340i Touring? Apart from the Alpina B3, this is probably it – an example fitted with BMW Individual specs, including its one of one paint color, Peridot Green.

Featured on Joe Achilles channel on YouTube, this stunning M340i Touring will make you green with envy, and the whole 24 minutes of footage above lets you hear from its owner. 

Pete Osborne owns this one-of-a-kind 3er wagon and he also owns Petrolhead Tour – a website that facilitates driving holidays around the country. Guess we can say that his business is as cool as his daily car.

Looking great would be an understatement for this unique M340i, but we can't overlook the fact that this car also handles well and oozes practicality with its boatloads of trunk space.

The Peridot Green is just the tip of the iceberg. Though that color is arguably one of the best hues you can get a BMW with, Osborne also ordered the wagon with cognac-colored leather M seats to complement the exterior. 

He also got it with Style 898 M wheels from the M Performance Parts catalog, though he had to have the set finished in gold to match the green color. Perfect. Just perfect.

Of course, the red brake calipers were mandatory as the standard blue ones wouldn't do justice to the whole getup.

Overall, the whole setup is money well spent, we reckon. Kudos to Osborne and his taste in cars. Wagons have never looked this beautiful, definitely deserving a spot in our list of must-haves in the years to come.

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