The Ford Bronco broke the internet when it was released last summer. But after the initial hit faded, talk shifted to the number of options available for prospective buyers. While all of the vehicles will come with a hardtop from the factory, there are future plans for a soft top and a modular hardtop – although, the former comes with some red tape.

The ability to transform your Bronco into an open-air machine unfortunately comes at the cost of wiring and plumbing to the rear end – this means customers will lose the rear wiper, rear defroster, and the rear washer. However, for those who want to have their cake and eat it too, the dual-top option will keep rear-end functionality.

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Thankfully, if you’re unsure about the drop-tops, you’ll have quite a bit of time to make a decision as both of these roof options are delayed to the 2022 model year. We’d also be remiss not to mention that this isn’t the first time that the Bronco has experienced roof-related delays. Late last year, the Blue Oval was forced to delay production of the 2021 Bronco due to an issue with the supplier. 

Delays and setbacks aside, it’s clear that the Bronco has been well received by its fanbase. With many new and improved iterations planned – such as the 2022 Ford Bronco Warthog – it’s clear that this isn’t a one-and-done affair for the Ford Motor Company.

Along with the plethora of options available from the factory, we can’t wait to see an automotive lookbook of all of the configurations that buyers come up with. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below.

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