The McLaren Senna is one of the most exclusive hypercars ever built, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yours a little more special. This particular McLaren Senna customer chose a very unique spec that includes exposed carbon fiber body panels and gold accents for a special Senna all its own.

At the 2018 Geneva Auto Show McLaren revealed five special edition Sennas, one of which included the Carbon Theme. This standout Senna project was managed by McLarens Special Operations (MSO), which caters to unique customer requirements.

To build an exposed carbon Senna requires extreme attention to detail as the carbon fiber weaves must line up perfectly. With the carbon fiber on display, McLaren uses a glossy clear coat to protect it from the elements. McLaren states that it takes about 1000 hours to craft the exposed carbon fiber Senna. Cost is estimated at over $420,000 just for the exposed carbon fiber work.  If you would like a formal quote be sure to contact your local McLaren dealership.

As with all special cars worth more than a house, this McLaren Senna is joining a very special car collection. The owner seems to be very fond of carbon fiber as he owns a Bugatti Chiron with exposed carbon fiber as well. This unique car collection is the result of the craftsman at the top of their industry building functional art pieces.

Of the 500 McLaren Sennas in the world, this particular example stands out thanks to its unique carbon fiber work and gold accents. When purchasing a limited run hypercar it takes quite a lot of work to make it even more special, but if you have the money and time it only makes sense to pursue the ultimate unique ride. 

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