Transporting vehicles isn't a cinch. Needless to say, the vehicles being transported need to be attached securely to the trailer, or else it would be a disaster – not only for the vehicles being transported but also for the other road users behind.

If you're curious what would happen when the trucker didn't pay too much attention to the contraption, Reddit user dartmaster666 might have the perfect video for you.

In the video embedded below, it can be seen that an got released from a transporter, assumingly breaking free from a poorly made attachment.


The weird thing was, the ambulance continued to roll down the highway after falling off the trailer, presumably without a driver behind the wheel.

There were a lot of assumptions made based on the video, and that's because the uploader wasn't the owner of the video. It's clear though that breaking free from the transporter wasn't intended – and that it could have been a recipe for disaster. The video above didn't have an ending, though, so we don't exactly know what happened to the autonomous ambulance after taking the rightmost lane.

However, after browsing through the Reddit thread, it looks like the uploader was able to find the owner of the video and got a resolution. According to a comment from a guy who works for the truck company that owns the video, the ambulance rolled to a stop and the driver pushed it into a ditch.

So it seems like nobody's hurt from this ordeal, except maybe for the ambulance's suspension and some delay in delivering the ambulances to their destination.

Then again, let this serve as a reminder to truckers out there who deal with transporting vehicles on the highway. And maybe also a reminder to drivers out there to not trail a transporter.

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