Do you remember the Sherp go-anywhere truck from Russia? It’s an amphibious four-wheeled vehicle with a fuel tank in each wheel and a cute shape. Finally, that machine has proper competition and it comes from Canada.

Meet the FAT truck, an industrial off-road utility vehicle that doesn’t even have a steering wheel. Instead, the large ATV uses only a joystick located in the center console that can be operated by either individual seated in front with only one hand. The shape of the North American truck may look very similar to the Russian creation but underneath the skin, the two are very different.

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First and probably foremost, the FAT truck is ISO certified with a roll-over protective structure and seat belts for all passengers, which means it’s basically road-legal. In turn, the Sherp does not feature a protective structure and is therefore drivable only outside public roads.

In terms of powertrains, there are significant differences, too. The Sherp is powered by a 1.5-liter engine with 44 horsepower (33 kilowatts) that doesn’t have an EPA certification. The FAT truck has a larger 2.2-liter diesel engine with 67 hp (50 kW), meeting the American and European EPA standards. The Sherp is driven as a normal car with pedals and a steering wheel, while the FAT truck - as mentioned above - is controlled using a joystick.

The Canada-built ATV’s specifications reveal it has a top speed of 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour) and can accommodate up to six passengers on board. Optionally, it can be equipped with air conditioning, roof rack with ladder, exterior mirrors, Bluetooth radio with speakers, parking camera, and others. 

Manufactured in Bromont, Quebec, Canada, the FAT truck has been on sale since January 2019 with a global distribution. All the suppliers, except for the tire supplier, are from Quebec.

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