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Every once in a while, polarizing commercials get to be aired that are set to irk the sensibilities of some individuals. These ads want to convey a strong message – and frankly, they quite work in their main goal: to be noticed.

The new Chrysler ad is one of those commercial types, featuring the Pacifica Hybrid. Actor Kathryn Hahn ("Bad Moms," "We’re The Millers") is here to present the video, returning from a previous Pacifica Hybrid ad back in September that could give you the chuckles. 

But this time, the ad is straightforward and isn't for the sensitive audience.

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The 30-second commercial (embedded on top) featured Hahn in a game show setting wherein she was asking the contestants "why don't you drive a hybrid?" The contestants gave the wrong answers, of course, so Hahn was there to debunk them and give facts about the pricing and range of the minivan.

Hahn then revealed the right answer, which basically said that the only reason why people don't drive a hybrid is that they suck. Yes, it's that straightforward, and Hahn's talents made it funny – at least on our end.

Then again, if that video hit your nerves, that's entirely up to you. But Chrysler has a quick explanation about the video.

"With this campaign, we take a direct and light-hearted approach to giving our audiences answers to some of the most asked questions about hybrid ownership, in a way that is unique to the Pacifica Hybrid and to Kathryn’s comedic talents," said Marissa Hunter, Head of Marketing, FCA - North America.

"I got to realize my dream of being a game show host and help customers realize the many benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle," said Kathryn Hahn.

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