Update: Added spy video from G-E Supercars and Bugatti social media teaser.


Rumors are swirling about Bugatti's future. Will VW sell it? Has the company really halted the development of a second model? Those questions remain unanswered, but Bugatti did answer another. Earlier this week, the company teased a mysterious new model with X-shaped taillights, and today we have spy photos of the new hypercar at Circuit Paul Ricard in France. It looks wild.

The car is still covered in camouflage, though it can't hide the coupe's wild shape. Bugatti's horseshoe-shaped grille remains, though it's tinier than ever sitting on the leading edge of the long, super-low nose. There's a massive roof scoop that likely feeds the quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine sitting behind the cabin.

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The camouflage makes it difficult to tell for sure, though it looks like the car's side has several intakes, vents, and other angular design elements. However, it's the rear that looks the wildest, and we don't have a good picture of that.

The rear is like the front – pointed. The shark fin on the roof cuts through to the rear, appearing to connect with the wing connected to the outside of the rear fenders. The X-shaped taillights appear to be drawing attention to the massive quad tailpipe. Sitting below all that is a massive diffuser. The wild aesthetics make sense if previous reports are true that this is a one-off track car that Bugatti is building.

We also have a mysterious teaser from Bugatti telling us something is coming, and very soon. October 28, to be specific, which is less than a week away as of this posting. We have no idea what 0,67 means though. Anyone care to drop a guess in the comments?



The new model, which doesn't yet have a name, will allegedly make the same 1,578 horsepower (1,177 kilowatts) as the Centodieci and the Chiron Super Sport 300+. Rumors suggest Bugatti will reveal it before the end of the month, which is soon. It comes at a time when questions continue to swirl about the company's future.We doubt we'll have any answers to those pressing questions anyone soon, though we're excited to see Bugatti's latest model.

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