So, you think the current look of the Chevrolet Silverado HD is something to behold? Take its narrow lights, add the blocky lamps from the current GMC Sierra, supersize the already-supersized grille, give it Jay Leno's chin, and suddenly you have the perfect terror-truck for the next Stephen King novel. Behold the Sierra HD Denali of your dreams, and by that, of course we mean nightmares.

This drawing comes from the official GM Design Instagram account, which is always a good place to catch some interesting ideas swirling in the heads of General Motors' designers. We aren't sure if this creation embodies an extraordinary vision, but there's no denying this truck demands attention. Unfortunately we have no context for this drawing – we don't know if it could preview a future Denali or suggest some directions in design. For that matter, it could simply be a mad scientist having a bit of fun with a larger-than-life caricature of present-day pickups. We're cool with that.


One thing is certain. The current trend of massive grilles throughout the entire auto industry makes this Denali at least somewhat believable. Think back to December 2018 when the current-generation Silverado HD debuted to a whirlwind of gasps with its bonkers oven-broiler grille staring the world in the face. It seemed beyond crazy at the time, but nearly two years later the world has grown somewhat accustomed to the look.

More importantly for GM, buyers have responded positively. After an initial drop in 2019, Silverado HD sales were up 4.2 percent in the first quarter of 2020. More impressive, however, is a second-quarter drop of just 0.7 percent. This comes amid the coronavirus pandemic that shuttered production and saw most model sales drop by double digits. As of GM's last sales report from July, the Silverado HD was actually up 1.7 percent overall compared to last year. And things are considerably better for the Sierra HD, which is presently up a whopping 21.5 percent.

In other words, this bonkers Denali HD creation might seem out-of-this-world right now. But in a couple of years, it just might be a perfect fit.

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