Prior Design is no stranger to tuning electric vehicles. We’ve seen a few EVs modified by the multi-brand tuning company, mostly Tesla models, but this Porsche Taycan is a first for the studio. In fact, Prior Design recognizes the Taycan as the “the perfect platform for a vehicle simply predestined for tuning.”

Looking at the photo gallery attached below, this project can be best described as a typical Prior Design job. It adds a complete widebody kit to the Taycan’s already aggressive appearance and even further emphasizes its sporty nature with a massive fixed wing at the back.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan Turbo S by Prior Design

As one would expect from the Kamp-Lintfort-based firm, the car gets wide fenders with additional air openings at the front. Thanks to these body extensions, the Taycan is now 60 mm wider at the front and some 100 mm at the back. The German specialists promise the electric sedan will “turn heads wherever it appears” - but whether that’s for good or bad, we can’t tell.

The wider fenders are complemented by a set of more aggressive side skirts plus matching 22 inches, multi-piece, five-twin spoke wheels. Last but not least, there are diffusers for both bumpers giving the tuned Taycan an even lower overall stance.

Prior Design says all the components can be produced by a high-quality carbon. Also, a slightly less dramatic body kit will be offered too, ditching the wider fenders for a more restrained appearance. Pricing and availability details are available upon request.

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