According to Mopar Insiders, Ram is officially dropping the Laramie name from the Laramie Longhorn trim of the Ram 1500 pickup-truck to rebrand its luxury truck offerings. The top-level trim Ram 1500 will still be the Limited trim, with the Laramie Longhorn transitioning to the Limited Longhorn to help reduce confusion of the naming conventions and also align the two luxury trucks into a more complementary relationship.
When it comes to standard equipment, the Ram 1500 Limited and Limited Longhorn share many of the same features including LED headlights, chrome trim, side steps, and more. That is why it makes sense for both of these trucks to share a similar trim name. The Longhorn will offer Ram customers a more Western-themed truck offering with familiar materials like leather, wood, and stitching to offer a true luxury package.

Gallery: 2019 Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition

The name change is supposed to make things more streamlined for truck shoppers. Instead of having a hard to pronounce a word like Laramie alongside the top of the line Limited trim, the new Limited Longhorn lets shopper know this truck is incredibly luxurious but offers a unique Southwestern twist to the Limited Trim. Now truck shoppers at Ram dealerships will have a much easier time choosing a luxury truck. Do you want some unique styling touches that harken back to the American West, or an all-out Luxury build in the Ram Limited?

No matter what you’re looking for in your dream truck, Ram is here to help you make a decision. With a laundry list of options and trim levels, trucks can transition from barebones workhorses to S-Class level luxury vehicles. This versatility to why Americans continue to buy more trucks every year.

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