More than a week after its official debut, the Ford Bronco is still an online sensation. Almost every Ford and/or off-road-related forum and social media group is still discussing the (not so) new kid on the block and, meanwhile, independent designers are proposing different ideas based on the model. Today’s project comes from KDesign on Behance and presents a different take on the more affordable Bronco Sport.

The first rendering shows a two-door Bronco Sport, which is something we believe has zero chances of happening. The proportions in this virtual drawing look good and the overall design language fits the idea well, but being based on the Escape and Euro-spec Focus platform, the Bronco Sport simply doesn’t have the option to lose two of its doors. In fact, there's currently not a single two-door car based on that architecture.

The second rendering has just two doors as well but it also adds the Raptor treatment to the mix. Obviously, it won’t go into production too, but it’s definitely something we’d like to see from the Blue Oval company. At least, we hope the Bronco or the Bronco Sport could get a proper Raptor version in the near future, albeit with four doors.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Sport renderings

We are pretty confident the aftermarket scene will offer tons of accessories and parts for both Bronco models and with a good selection of components, everyone should be able to get a Raptor-like appearance. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a factory Raptor upgrade, too.

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