A couple in Scotland built this towable hot tub in six weeks for about $636.

The COVID-19 outbreak forced people all over the world to stay home, and Sammi and Elliot from Central Scotland used their time social distancing to build a trailer-mounted hot tub that they can tow behind their camper. The couple chronicled the six-week build on a blog.

The project started in April when the couple had planned to be driving around Europe in their camper. Being under a stay-at-home order limited their ability to go out, so the materials largely came from whatever was already available in the garage or that friends gave them. The total cost was about £500 ($636 at current exchange rates). What they accomplished given these limitations was incredibly impressive. 

The hot tub holds around 750 liters (198 gallons) of water. Sammi and Elliot don't have to wait for it to heat up because a pump takes it through a propane-fueled boiler, so the water enters the tub at over 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celcius). Inside, there's LED lighting and the ability to activate bubbles. There's seating for up to four people in the tub, but from the looks of things, the space is better for two people to stretch out. The insulation keeps the water hot for about two hours before needing to re-heat it.

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Once travel restrictions loosen further in Scotland, the couple intends to haul the hot tub with their camper. The plan is to stop near natural water sources, pump water into the tub, and enjoy nature. With no chemicals, they can safely drain the water back to the source when it's time to go somewhere else.

The couple will accept commissions to build more mobile hot tubs. However, they warn the price would be far more than £500 for building this one because the buyer would be paying for all the materials and the labor. 

If you want to follow more of this couple's work, they recently started a new blog chronicling their latest project. They bought a Renault Master van and have started converting it into a custom motorhome.

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