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While recent news about BMW has been focused around some questionable design choices, let's remember that BMW's performance-oriented M division has been on quite a roll lately. M cars have always been focused on being driver's cars, and despite their more accessible nature thanks to technology, there's no denying that they still have a ton of potential in the right hands. 

BMW M4 CS Pennzoil

For now, let us remember the good things about BMW in this particular order: M cars, rear-wheel drive, slides, and lots of power. It's always a pleasure to see the manufacturers themselves hoon their own cars, almost in validation of its character and the type of driver the model represents (BMW and turn signal jokes aside).

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We get to see exactly just that in this episode of BMW Today – a Neon Green BMW M4 in the hands of Ede Weihretter, a BMW M Driving Experience instructor doing what it does best: slides and donuts. What makes the perfect donut? Aside from a ton of practice, BMW says there's also the proper seating position for full control of brakes and the accelerator. Then you got to have proper hand placement; 9 and 3 allow for full control over the angle of the drift, as well as making it easier to cross hands if needed. Then, the most crucial part is actually having a BMW M4. Joking aside, always practice and perform these maneuvers in designated areas or private property (where you have permission or own it).

As someone who's gone through some drift lessons as Sepang with a significantly slower vehicle, it takes a ton of patience and understanding of the vehicle. For the M4, second gear was the sweet spot to get that consistent, flowing, drifting donut. Keep eyes looking at the direction you want to go and manage the throttle and steering to either tighten or widen the angle of the entire drift. Oh, and if you're gonna record it for YouTube, don't upload in vertical. Yes, that means you, too, BMW.

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