This 2009 Nissan GT-R is still with its original owner and he uses this Godzilla as his daily driver. In over a decade on the road, the car has covered around 140,000 miles, making this likely the highest mileage model you're going to see anytime soon. The host from EatSleepDrive was able to get ahold of this well-used GT-R and evaluated how it withstood the test of time.

As a daily driver, this GT-R's body isn't perfect. There are some chips and dings but nothing too bad. A thorough detailing would be enough to make the car look fantastic again. 

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The interior shows more wear. For example, the coating on some of the plastics is coming off. None of this affects how the vehicle functions. From a certain perspective, this damage is a well-earned patina that chronicles the owner's many miles in the car.

Mechanically, the GT-R hasn't needed much. The major repair came at around 90,000 miles when the transmission entered the limp-home mode. The dealer quoted $20,000 to replace the gearbox. The owner opted for an alternative, less expensive approach by sending the car to a shop and upgrading the transmission to be able to take more power. Other than that, there has been nothing but regular maintenance, like regular fluid changes. Somehow, it has managed to use the original brake discs this whole time.

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Behind the wheel, this GT-R doesn't show its age. On backroads, the car is still lots of fun and has enough acceleration to keep up with modern performance vehicles. It transitions easily between enthusiastic driving and comfortable cruising.

If you're willing to accept the maintenance costs, then a used GT-R in good condition seems like a vehicle to keep an eye out for. Despite the advancing age, Godzilla can still roar.

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