The new TSI will replace the 1.6 FSI with 85 kW / 115 PS in the mid-term. Advantages of the new turbo engine: reduce fuel consumption by about six percent, the engine's power and torque characteristics were also improved significantly.

In addition to the current twincharged (turbo + supercharger) 170hp and 140hp TSI engines, this third engine is the newest addition to the TSI lineup. It retains the same 1.4 liter iron crankcase as the larger TSI engines, however, it is not twincharged since it loses the supercharger but keeps the turbo. Set to replace the current 1.6 FSI engine (85 kW / 115 hp), the new TSI engine at 122hp (90 kW) makes 200Nm of torque, 30% more than the 1.6 FSI, and reduces fuel consumption by 6 percent. Torque curve is impressive by achieving 80% maximum torque at 1250 rpm and then holding 100 percent torque from 1500 rpm to 3500 rpm. Full details in the press release below.

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