In an effort to keep car enthusiasm alive and well, Horacio Pagani created a video asking us to stay in our garages but share the machinery that makes us happy. The movement is tracked by the hashtag #StayInYourGarage. Pagani has asked that you create a video about whatever is in your garage so they can share it on their social channels. Unless you can afford a Pagani, this is probably your best chance to get on their youtube channel. If you’d like to see the best way to create one of these videos, Horacio shows you how it’s done.

This is the first time Horacio Pagani has ever asked me to do anything, and although he didn’t specifically call my name out, I feel compelled to deliver. Horacio Pagani is the founder of the Pagani automobile company which builds some of the world’s greatest hypercars. Pagani was born in Argentina where he took up a deep interest in both cars and engineering. This passion lead him to move to Europe where he first worked at Renault and then Lamborghini. 

The story famously goes that Pagani started out sweeping the floors at Lamborghini and ended his tenure as chief engineer. Pagani left Lamborghini after a disagreement about investing in an Autoclave to manufacture carbon fiber components. Pagani went on to purchase his own autoclave and start his first company Modena Design, which focuses on engineered carbon fiber car parts specifically for Formula 1. After the success of his design firm, Pagani realized his dream of starting his own car company and the rest is automotive history. 

The passion that drove Pagani to start two successful automotive companies started with an E-Type Jaguar. Pagani goes on to tell his childhood obsession with this sensational icon and spends most of the video talking about why this car excites him. Pagani virtually ignores his priceless Huayra BC Roadster because this isn’t a Pagani commercial. This is an appeal to everyone who has a story about the vehicles they love. #StayInYourGarage

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