The Dodge Grand Caravan-based Jucy shows that it's possible to create a tiny motorhome that still offers all of the necessary amenities to be functional. If this idea sounds perfect for your travel needs, then check out this one that's for sale in Plymouth, Minnesota, with an asking price of $10,995.

The lime green and purple color scheme make this van hard to miss. Otherwise, the vehicle looks generally like any other Grand Caravan on the road. The only major difference is on the roof where there's a box that pops up into a sleeping space. There's also a small solar panel for charging an auxiliary battery.

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The interior is where things really get interesting. Behind the front seats, there are two benches that face each other, and a table can fit into the area between them. When it's time to sleep, the benches fold into a bed, and the table has a storage space underneath them.

A kitchen now takes the place of the rear cargo area. It includes a faucet, sink, food prep area, a refrigerator, and two camping stoves. There's also storage for all of the plates and silverware.

While there's sleeping space for four people, this compact motorhome would seem better for an adventurous couple or maybe folks with just one kid. Having the necessary cargo space for a quartet seems tough unless they are especially light packers.

Another advantage of this setup is that since all of the mechanical components come straight from a Grand Caravan, parts availability isn't going to be a problem. If something breaks while on a journey, any mechanic should be able to handle the repair.

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