Today’s diecast model cars can come with incredible detail, mimicking their real-world counterparts down to the seat stitching in some cases. Often, you can open the doors, hood, and trunk, and turn the wheels with the steering wheel. However, the Modell Lichtsysteme YouTube channel takes those already incredibly detailed diecast car – a 2014 Audi RS7 in the video above – and installs a host of lighting elements that are correct to the real-world vehicle. The level of detail is insane.

It’s easy to notice the working headlights and turn signals on the model car, but that’s only the beginning. The headlights have a cool blue hue while the license place lights mimic the warm color temperature of your typical automotive bulb from the auto parts store. There are working reverse lights, brake lights, and even high beams for the headlights.

Inside, the level of detail rises to another level. The instrument cluster illuminates as does the infotainment display, which appears to display the correct infotainment system found in a real Audi from 2014. There’s footwell lighting, lighting in the interior and exterior door handles, and ambient lighting throughout the interior. Even the center console and instrument panel feature illuminated switches, buttons, and dials.

Gallery: Audi RS7 Diecast Model Car

There are other modifications made to the car that isn’t lighting-related, such as the added carbon-fiber decals. There were also modifications made to the brakes, while custom wheels give the model a bit more style. The lights are operated through magnetic switches hidden in the car’s body. But magnets don’t turn on all the lights. Opening the doors operates the interior dome light while opening the liftback turns on the trunk light.

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The Modell Lichtsysteme YouTube channel has a ton of videos where cars such as the BMW M5, Ford Mondeo, Lamborghini Aventador, and others receive thorough refreshes with new lighting elements. The added lights do help the diecast models look much more like their real-world counterparts.

This company isn't the only one making detailed model cars. Amalgam Collection, which we've featured before on, has unparalleled craftsmanship in its models, can also do a full complement of lighting elements, and offers larger scales like 1:8. Their full line is constantly evolving (check it out here), and they do bespoke commissions, as well. 

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