It's not as much as you think.

What does it cost to own and maintain a collection of dream cars and motorcycles? Well, Harry Metcalfe, of Harry’s Garage and EVO, gives us a financial rundown of his immense fleet of 20 cars and 16 bikes. 

If you’re not familiar, Harry is the founder of EVO, a United Kingdom-based car magazine that focuses on the cutting edge of performance cars. Harry is not an Automotive Journalist by trade, however, and instead started his career as a farmer who loved cars. Harry’s passion for cars eventually connected him with a team of Automotive Journalists who convinced him to found and fund EVO. If you’re interested in the history of EVO as told by Harry himself, check out the Collecting Cars Podcast Episode 13. Chris Harris, of TopGear, interviews Harry to uncover the exciting history of both Harry and EVO. 

Gallery: Harry Metcalfe Details Costs Related to His 20 Cars and 16 Bikes

Thanks to Harry’s breadth of experience driving cars for EVO tests he has a great taste in cars, which results in his incredible collection. Instead of focusing on buying the newest most expensive cars, Harry chooses to buy cars that excite him and his family. Harry doesn't hoard his cars in a garage and instead puts a great deal of emphasis on driving his vehicles. Everything from his Lotus Elan to his Lamborghini Countach has the opportunity to stretch its legs. 

When it comes to insurance Harry pays only £8,117, or about $10,600, through his insurance provider Footman James. The necessary insurance cost seems like a bargain to me considering that small fee keeps all of Harry’s interesting cars safe and on the road. in 2019, Harry’s insurance covered a small engine fire in his Mercedes SL which means it paid for itself.

Owning 20 cars and 16 bikes will always have hidden costs and continuous maintenance. However, if cars are your passion, it’s certainly worth the trouble.

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