When the BMW M5 F90 debuted in 2017 it elevated the high-performance full-size luxury sedan game to an entirely new level. With AWD, for the first time in an M5, and a 617 horsepower twin-turbo V8 the F90 was a new performance benchmark. But, what happens when you add 230 horsepower for an even 850? Well, the results are staggering.

As Zach Klapman, host of this One Take astutely points out, this tuned BMW M5 is 85% of Buggati Veryon’s legendary 1,000 horsepower for only a tenth of the price. In those terms then, this hugely powerful sedan is the horsepower bargain of the century. 

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When tuned, factory turbocharged cars usually gain around 10% to 20% more horsepower than stock. In stock tune, turbocharged cars are usually underrated for reliability and a linear powerband. Thankfully tuners can easily tweak these restrained engines to unlock their true performance ability. 

In the case of this M5, the twin-turbo V8 was tuned by a newly formed BMW tuner called Noelle. Noelle comes from a little company you may have heard of called Alpine. If you’re not familiar, Alpine has been tuning and modifying BMWs to their own OEM specifications since the 1980s. In Germany Alpine is considered to be their own manufacturer separate from BMW and far more than another hot-rodding shop. 

Noelle took his experience in offering reliable powerful BMW tunes and rolled them over into his own company. Noelle offers a warranty along with his tunes that cover any sort of drivetrain related issues the BMW will not cover due to the presence of a tune. 

This means you can own an 850 horsepower BMW with a warranty. Noelle considers this to be a conservative tune and feels the drivetrain can easily handle the extra 230 horsepower reliably.

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