Quickly following the release of the brief teaser, the full trailer for No Time to Die, the latest film in the James Bond franchise, is here. There is a lot of automotive action to see, including a fresh take on the super spy's famous Aston Martin DB5 that now has Gatling guns behind the headlights.

Gallery: James Bond No Time To Die Trailer

In addition to the DB5, Bond also briefly gets behind the wheel of a classic Series II V8 Vantage. This one doesn't seem to have all of the gadgets from the other one, though. A new DBS Superleggera makes a brief appearance, too, but we don't get to see the spy behind the wheel. Aston Martin also says that the Valhalla supercar is in the film, but the upcoming vehicle doesn't show up in this trailer.

The film has Bond starting as retiring from the spy game, but his friend, CIA agent Felix Leiter, asks for help. Of course, along the way there are plenty of car chases, gunplay, and intrigue. With Bond gone, a woman named Nomi now has one of the famous 00 numbers. Rami Malek plays a villain in possession of what the movie's official summary calls a "dangerous new technology." The trailer also shows that Christoph Waltz returns to portray Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but his role in the plot is a mystery.

No Time To Die premieres in April 2020. Expect at least one more trailer to arrive before then that should provide a better idea at the threat that Bond is trying to fight.

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