It’s relatively small, matte black, and V8-powered. What is it? Honestly, if you’ve never seen it before, you are probably never going to make a correct guess. It’s the mighty Rezvani Tank we are talking about, an SUV unlike anything other on the market.

During our First Drive review, we discovered the Tank is no regular ride. Yes, it’s super expensive but if you can swallow the steep six-figure asking price and overlook its obvious Jeep ties, it makes a statement. You can choose between a military-spec vehicle and a more civilized version with more features.

Our friend Shmee150 got the chance to review not one, but two Tanks in his latest episode on YouTube. Just like us, he was quite surprised by the road behavior and the wind noise at higher speeds.

Depending on the customer preferences, the equipment is very… untraditional, to say the least. It could include anything from bulletproof windows with a front windscreen to handle an AK-47 to an underbody that can deal with explosions beneath. Basically, Rezvani forgoes pedestrian driver-assist features like front collision warnings and radar cruise control for something way more extreme.

The 19-minute video also provides a detailed look at the cabin of the Tank and shines more light on the additional buttons and controls it features. It also reveals some of the design updates for the 2020 model year of the Tank. Finally, the clip also compares the more civilized version with the military-spec models in different aspects.

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