Sound is a big part of the motoring experience for enthusiasts. If you’re reading this, you already know that, but at what point does the quest for sound go too far? The above video from effspot on YouTube showcases an older Mercedes-Benz S600 sedan with a big 6.0-liter V12 under the hood, and yes, we know these engines can sound really good. Frankly, this car sounds like an old-school F1 car racing through tunnels on Asgard, but this aural delight came at a cost.

Specifically, it cost $12,500. That’s expensive for sure, but in the supercar world such a figure isn’t unheard of. This old W140 Mercedes, however, isn’t a supercar – in fact we’re told it was purchased for a whopping $5,000 so yeah, the piping underneath is literally worth twice as much as the car. The work was done by a shop in Japan – which is also where this car is located – and without getting too detailed on the build, the crux of the expense comes from custom six-into-one equal length headers. It also has an electronic bypass to open or close the exhaust, and it exits at the rear in a pair of unassuming tips that wouldn’t garner a second glance. 

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People definitely glance when the skinny pedal gets planted, however. The video features all kinds of acceleration runs including tunnel blasts, and the V12 shriek is borderline supernatural. It’s positively epic, but we can’t help noticing that despite the sound, the car tends to accelerate rather slowly. That does add a slightly humorous aspect to this unnatural noise, not to mention the regular cackling from driver and passenger every time the gas pedal gets stuffed. Honestly, if we were in the car for these soundchecks, we’d probably be laughing too.

There are a couple of follow-up videos from effspot talking a bit more about the Merc’s current problems and future plans. We’d love to see this big Benz gain a few more ponies under the hood, if for no other reason than to hear that $12,000 wail go a few notes higher.

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