Big, Impressive, and Noisy – those were the three words that Nick Mead, the owner of the Tank Limo, would use to describe his gargantuan masterpiece. His tank commander, Tod Chamberlain, has a better one: Rolling Thunder.

The Tank Limo is probably the first and only stretched tank in the world that you can hire. It's situated in the U.K. and it's perfectly road legal. Now, just in case you're in the area and your son or daughter needs a ride for their prom night, you now have a new option. Why rent a Bentley or Rolls-Royce when you can be a bit (or a lot) different, right?

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Mead's story with tanks started 30 years ago when he got two examples into his possession. At that time, his aim was to keep one and sell one. However, before he could even deliver, a company asked to rent one which returned more than half of the tank's value in just one day. From then on, he saw it as a business opportunity.

As mentioned, the Tank Limo is perfectly road legal in the U.K., albeit, they're only allowed up to 20 miles per hour with rubber-padded tracks. On a private road, however, Mead said that they were able to reach 35 MPH but he reckons it could do more. It's 22-foot long and 8-foot wide, while weighing 17.5 tons or 38,580 pounds.

With its dimensions and massive weight, Mead said that the Tank Limo is easy to maneuver. That's because it turns in the middle, which makes it more flexible than a stretched Hummer. Chamberlain mentioned that the only time they made an error was when they clipped a side mirror of a Transit van in London.

If you're interested in renting the Tank Limo for an explosive ride, you can visit Rates start at £1,600 or around $2,000 at the current exchange rates.

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