As the description of the video above puts it, Ferrari’s Corse Clienti program is “one of the most exclusive (if not the most) clubs on earth.” It’s a series of annual events that allow customers of the brand to test their cars, meet Maranello’s engineers and professional testers, and even participate in various technical test sessions. As part of the XX Program, one of the two customers’ categories, just three cars are available – the FXX, 599XX, and FXX-K.

Each year, members of the Corse Clienti club meet eight or nine times on different tracks around the world. Some of these are among the most famous circuits on the planet, including Suzuka, Nurburgring, Imola, and others. This is the very basic information you need to know about the platform and the video here provides a look behind the scenes for more details.

Gallery: Ferrari Corse Clienti

Simply put, Ferrari takes care of everything – planning, logistics, schedule, engineering and support teams, everything. The owners of the cars don’t have to do anything. The automaker also has chiefs on site who give the drivers a proper diet so that they feel comfortable going through the corners at high speed. They do everything you can think of.

But there’s one thing that might disappoint you. This program is not for everyone – Ferrari has to invite you, which involves owning a dozen of Prancing Horses. If you happen to own a LaFerrari FXX K, for example, the company will ask you to pay somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000 for each day on the track with your car.

Did we hear you asking about the price of a LaFerrari FXX K? According to the video, there’s currently one for sale at $10 million. If you buy it, Ferrari will keep it until you decide to join the Corse Clienti program and use it on track. Imagine trying to explain to your wife that you spent millions on a car that you can’t even drive every day...

Source: Salomondrin on YouTube

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