The folks at Budget Direct Car Insurance produce some fantastic videos showcasing the evolution of iconic automobiles, but the team there took on a much bigger challenge this time for a clip that chronicles the history of Ferrari – both on the road and at the track. The only Prancing Horses without a spotlight here are the Formula One cars.

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Enzo Ferrari started out as a race car driver, but he really made a name for himself when he stepped out of the cockpit and into a business suit. He was a natural manager, first as the leader of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team and then eventually running an automaker.

This video looks at both parts of that legacy, starting with the road cars. Enzo Ferrari famously said that he only built street legal machines to finance his desire to win on the track. It's fascinating to watch their evolution in this clip. The earliest models have the rounded shape that was common in post-WWII vehicles, but Ferraris quickly gained a more distinctive look with low-slung, pointed front ends. The design made a gradual change to even more angular styling in the '70s and '80s when the brand typified the contemporary supercar design of the era, which was basically a wedge on wheels. In the modern era, the cars have regained some of their early curves without fully giving up the knife-edged styling.

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Viewing the racing vehicles chronologically highlights the two sides of the Prancing Horse on the track. On one hand, Ferrari was always willing to take a road car, make it hotter, and take the machine to the track, like an F430 GTC. Alternatively, the company built hardcore machines with no intention of ever making them road-legal, like the 512 M.

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