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Any vehicle accident is a serious matter, especially when a semi pulling a loaded trailer is involved. Fortunately, this incident only affected the truck in question, and the driver is reported to have suffered just some minor abrasions, so injecting a bit of humor into this crash is okay. In fact, it’s more than okay – since the truck was hauling milk, it’s pretty much required.

The crash happened early in the morning this on April 2, specifically 3:02 A.M. local time in Grand Prairie, Texas, according to the highway camera footage posted by WFAA on YouTube. Grand Prairie is a suburb of Dallas, and the clip shows traffic on Interstate 30 at that hour was virtually non-existent. That’s good, because a report from NBC 5 in Dallas says the driver of the truck fell asleep and drifted off the road. That by itself is bad – not that there’s ever a good time to take siesta behind the wheel – but his timing on this was absolutely horrible as he was approaching an overpass when it happened.

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The footage captures the entire crash, including the dramatic moment when the truck sails off the embankment to hit the street beneath the highway. The front of the cab appears to pretty much disintegrate, but of particular interest is the big cloud that envelops the area shortly thereafter. Yeah, that’s not a cloud – it’s milk ... lots of it. Unfortunately, a truck carrying a load of Wheaties cereal that was said to be three miles behind did not crash at the same intersection. Hey, we’re just trying to make the best of a bad situation here.

As it was, the cleanup took several hours. The driver was reportedly charged with failure to maintain proper control of the vehicle, which seems ridiculous to us since he was apparently unconscious when the crash began. How can anyone be expected to maintain control of a vehicle while asleep? We’re just glad nobody was seriously hurt, though we suspect this driver won’t be behind the wheel of a truck anytime soon.

Source: WFAA via YouTube, NBC 5 Dallas

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