The De Tomaso Pantera captured the attention of sports cars buyers in the 1970s with its wedge shape, stunning proportions, and reliable Ford V8 engine. Back then, it was a solid option for buyers wanting the same European style form greats like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche, but without the finicky powertrains. But while the De Tomaso brand didn't survive, the spirit of the Pantera lives on in this resto-modded coupe.

Ares Design, as part of its "Legends Reborn" series, has been teasing its Panther since last year. But the camouflage has come off, and this stunning coupe is a genuine recreation of the iconic Pantera De Tomaso produced in the 70s. With a new platform (using the Lamborghini Huracan as its base), and modern styling, this reborn Pantera hopes to make a name for itself.

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Ares Design drapes carbon fiber body panels over each donor Huracan. Though the Huracan is a few inches wider than the original Pantera, its wheelbase is only 12 centimeters longer, which gives the modern Panther similar proportions to the classic. Most of the body maintains its original shape, however, modern flair like forged 20-inch (front) and 21-inch (rear) wheels and LED running lights accompany the classic looks. One major retro cue carries over: pop-up headlights, now with LED beams.

Power comes from Lamborghini's 5.2-liter V10 engine. It might cost more to maintain than a Ford V8, but its free-flowing power makes it worth every penny. The high-revving engine, in this application, produces up to 641 horsepower (477 kilowatts) and 442 pound-feet (599 Newton-meters) of torque thanks to a tuned ECU and a new exhaust system. That's 10 more horses than the standard Huracan. Top speed is a healthy 201 miles per hour (325 kilometers per hour)

Ares Design Panther
De Tomaso Pantera

A Haldex all-wheel-drive system and a dual-clutch gearbox ensure those extra horses travel to all four wheels, and a set of Brembo six-piston carbon ceramic brakes guarantee ample stopping power. Even with this new all-wheel-drive system, though, the Ares is only three pounds heavier than the base Huracan; the Panther weighs 3,137 pounds (1,423 kilograms).

In the cabin, buyers can pick from a range of material options. Ares touts swathes of carbon fiber, Alcantara, and chocolate brown Nappa leather in the renders (below), but says each interior is “fully customized based on customer's design request.” So, no two cabins will look the same.

Ares Design Panther
Ares Design Panther
Ares Design Panther

Panthers will start hitting the street at the end of May – but building one requires some serious cash, and patience. Ares Design prices the Panther at around $695,000 (€615,000), with an estimated build time of around three months.

Source: Ares Design

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Conceived and designed as the first example of ARES DESIGN’s ‘Legends Reborn’ service, its Project 1 is a comprehensive modern reimagining of the iconic 1970s Pantera. It is exquisitely constructed from carbon fibre and has a unique mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering and manufacturing technologies.

The basis for the conversion – ARES DESIGN’s clients’ donor cars – is one of today’s most revered Italian supercars, powered by a 5204cc naturally aspirated V10 that develops 640-660hp and 560Nm of torque. The original Pantera and the modern-day donor car share broadly similar dimensions. The donor is considerably wider, but with a wheelbase that is only 12 centimetres longer than the original Pantera it is an ideal basis for the transformation.


Engine type: V10
Displacement [cc]: 5204
Power [hp]: 640-660
Torque [Nm]: 560

Transmission: LDF four-wheel drive
Suspension: Double wishbone architecture
Brakes: Brembo six-piston callipers, carbon ceramic discs
Wheels: ARES forged aluminium, 20-inch (front), 21-inch (rear)
Tyres: 255/30 R20 (front), 325/25 R21 (rear)
Maximum speed [km/h]: 325

Engine: Electronic control unit upgrade, sport cats and downpipes


The design of the Project 1 has undergone extensive CFD modelling to achieve the highest possible aerodynamic efficiency and stability.


All body parts have been manufactured in high quality carbon fibre. Complete upgrade of pop-up headlight bucket system with full LED technology.


  • Fully customised based on customer’s design request.
  • Handcrafted artisan interior panels in carbon fibre and leather.
  • Custom made Nappa leather and Alcantara interior and upholstery inserts.

Prices for the ARES Design Project 1 start from 615,000€ (net), with an estimated delivery time of 12 weeks.
Find the spec sheet here on the left and feel free to contact us for any further information or request.

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