Japanese tuner Liberty Walk is preparing to launch its G Mini body kit for the new Suzuki Jimny that makes the pint-sized off-roader look like a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. To show off the similarities, the company's new photoshoot has the tiny SUV posing with Liberty Walk's tuned G-wagen. The aid of forced perspective in some of the pictures makes the pair appear to be the same size when in reality the Mercedes towers over the Suzuki.

Gallery: Liberty Walk Suzuki Jimny and Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The designers at Liberty Walk are absolutely in love with fender flares, and they fit a big set onto this Jimny. There are matching ones for the G-Class, too. The tuner also offers a new grille surround that gives the Suzuki a single, central opening to look more like the Mercedes, and the revised lower fascia matches its bigger, German counterpart. Liberty Walk offers vented hoods for both models, too. At the back, the Jimny gains taillights that look more like the G-Class' parts.

Liberty Walk will unveil the full production version on the Mini G body kit parts at the Tokyo Auto Salon on January 11. Jimny owners will finally be able to buy them, so these tougher looking, tiny SUVs could be on the road soon.

Making the latest Jimny look like other off-roaders is becoming quite the cottage industry among tuners. For example, Japan's Damd offers Little G and Little D kits that make the Suzuki look like a Mercedes G-Class and Land Rover Defender, respectively. Wald International's Black Bison Edition also takes cues from the G-wagen, too.

Source: Liberty Walk via Facebook

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