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Aston Martin has always been known to design elegant and gorgeous looking sports cars over the years. While many concepts are created, most almost never make it to the cutting room floor. With that said, we recently came across two very intriguing concepts that never came into fruition – the Vesper and Visionary Concepts.

If catch yourself scratching your head and wondering why the name Vesper sounds so familiar, it’s because you’ve seen this character in 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale played by actress Ursula Andress. Vesper is also a cocktail made with gin, but artist Vincent Jiang clearly shows the Bond character is the main inspiration for the concept design. Graceful, intelligent, and poised, the Vesper concept is a true representation of what character portrayed.

Gallery: Aston Martin Vesper And Visionary Concepts

For the Visionary Concept, a much more aggressive approach was used as the theme. The artist shows a couple of images of the Northrup YF-23 stealth fighter. Being a concept that never made it into production itself, it was a perfect piece of inspiration to use. Looking at the concept art, it’s easy to see how the stealth fighter was transformed into an automobile. The sharp nose, wide air intakes in the front, and chiseled body lines all translate display the unmistakable features of the YF-23.

Though the Vesper and Visionary never came to be, it sure is nice to see what inspired the artist to create such beautiful concept designs. If you’re feening to see more, there’s a whole lot more to check out here.

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