Don't forget your favorite glue. Lots of it.

Car-making isn't something that can be learned via Youtube or any book you could buy at your local bookstore. It's a science that engineers learned through years in school, not to mention decades of practice and making actual cars so they could perfect their craft and turn them into things we talk about all the time.

Now, if you don't have the patience to do that, tuning could be your option or reviving a disgruntled old car. However, not everyone has the means to scrap car parts to do that either. Your option? A cardboard toy car – and this 12-minute DIY video could teach you how to make one.

Gallery: Making A Cardboard Car

Using cardboard, some recycled RC wheels, lots of glue, tons of creativity, and a little knowledge in electronics, this DIY creation is something that won't take up your whole day. You would also need a DC motor, too, but steering is optional; something that the uploader might want to add in the future. Nevertheless, it was still a cute creation, which even has its own LED headlights.

Refer to the first photo above for the rest of the materials needed. For the process, refer to the video on top of this page. The measurements are in centimeters, so you would need to convert the units first.

The final product might not be the prettiest, but one can't deny that it's pretty nifty for something that's made from scratch. In addition, you could use this as an activity to do with your kids. It would be fun and won't take up the whole day. Just be more creative with the body, like maybe make a cardboard Corvette or a 911? Whichever the case is, your imagination's the limit.

Source: Make Your Own Creation via Youtube

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