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The New York Auto Show is always a good time. This year we saw some truly amazing concepts like the Genesis Essentia, and folks simply couldn’t get enough of fresh SUVs like the redesigned Toyota RAV4 and Cadillac’s new XT4. It’s been quite a long time, however, since we’ve seen a hotel chain involved in the show. In this case, long time means never, but never the less, we have this very yellow Jeep Wrangler with the curious name ROADM8. You know, like road mate, as in someone to join you on road trips. But also like Super 8, the hotel chain behind this build.

By now you’re no doubt wondering why a hotel chain – never mind Super 8 – is at the New York Auto Show. That’s a very good question, and we can answer it using some standard logic. The auto show features cars. People drive cars. People travel in cars, sometimes long distances from home. Sometimes, those people stop at a Super 8 hotel to rest before continuing to drive further in cars. See the connection? Yeah, we don’t either.

RoadM8 Jeep Wrangler Super 8 Hotels
RoadM8 Jeep Wrangler Super 8 Hotels
RoadM8 Jeep Wrangler Super 8 Hotels
RoadM8 Jeep Wrangler Super 8 Hotels

Super 8 tells us the Jeep was commissioned to help promote recent renovations throughout the chain that total $100 million. That's actually pretty impressive, but we can only assume, then, that there wasn’t much money left over to build this Wrangler. We're not suggesting it looks the least bit like a budget project from an unaired episode of Pimp My Ride – we understand that yellow and red are the familiar colors for the company so they had to be there. And there’s a certain symmetry in endowing the Jeep with a mini fridge and a coffee maker that, presumably, work.

The bizarre painting on the underside of the hood is a mystery however, and the interior fabrics that apparently come from actual Super 8 rooms frankly leaves us a bit creeped out. As for that double row of off-road lights up top, let’s just say that brings another interesting vehicle to mind.

RoadM8 Jeep Wrangler Super 8 Hotels
family truckster

We’ll give Super 8 credit for a clever PR move. We've never, ever, encountered a hotel chain at an auto show that wasn't in some way involved in either getting us journalists to or from the show floor, or making sure we didn't sleep past the early morning press conference. We just hope the new rooms at Super 8 are a bit more comforting than this custom Jeep.


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Super 8 ROADM8


Super 8 —the world’s largest economy hotel brand — is rolling into the 2018 New York International Auto Show with ROADM8 —a one-of-kind, fully customized, road-trip-ready vehicle highlighting the best that Super 8 hotels have to offer with its recent $100 million in renovations at more than 1,800 hotels across North America.

ROADM8, the one-of-a-kind road-trip-ready concept car highlights Super 8’s new look and feel. The vehicle includes custom amenities, such as a built-in coffee maker, mini-fridge and more, emulating the brand’s renovated hotel rooms.

From its unique exterior to a one-of-a-kind interior, the ROADM8 truly embodies the new Super 8, mirroring our updated look and feel while delivering amenities and experiences that make it your ultimate companion on the road—just like Super 8. Outside, you’ll find the familiar red and yellow from our iconic sign, while inside is are warm colors, sleek finishes, hyper-local black and white art and more—all of which serve as a direct call back to our newly renovated rooms. And, did we mention super amenities like on-demand coffee, a built-in refrigerator, easy USB charging and WiFi, among others?


Super 8, your trusted roadside companion, is rolling into the 2018 New York International Auto Show unveiling the ROADM8, the first-ever concept car from a hotel brand with innovative features inspired by the Super 8’s recent redesign. Customizations include, but are not limited to:

Black and white hyperlocal artwork under the hood

Custom interior fabrics, patterns and colors (made from materials found in Super 8 rooms)

On-demand coffee machine

Custom tablets displaying Super 8’s artwork highlighted in the redesign

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