Love or hate Mercedes’ list-ification of its YouTube channel, it’s difficult not to watch whenever the automaker releases a new top-five video. What are the automaker’s top five luxury cars? There’s a list for that. Curious about the must-have AMG features? Yup, there’s a quick-hitting video for that. Want a bit of top five luxury cars? Sit down and have a seat, the video will start shortly. The latest video from the German automaker focuses on technologies that went from a concept to now being available in a production vehicle.

Starting off the list is car-to-x communication from the Mercedes F 125! research vehicle. In the future, the Internet of Things will dominate daily life. Our cars will talk to other cars, traffic control devices, and the local Starbucks, relaying information about road conditions, traffic hazards, and what time you'll pick up you triple-expresso mocha late iced Frappuccino.

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Number four on the list is the electro-transparent glass roof from the Mercedes F 200. The glass holds a liquid-crystal film that can darken at the touch of a button due to an electric current, allowing the pane to go from see-through to opaque. The third high-tech feature now available is the infrared laser headlights from the Mercedes F 500 concept. The technology gives Mercedes vehicles night-vision capabilities.

The second-to-last top-five item on the list is the pre-safe system that can predict a crash from the rear of the vehicle, tightening seat belts and locking the brakes before impact. Mercedes first teased the technology on the ESF 2009 concept.

The number one high-tech feature that went from concept to production is the Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control system available today. First introduced in the F 800 concept, the system uses radar technology and a stereo camera to follow the car in front and maintain a set distance and speed.

This list is not as exciting as the one on those must-have AMG features, but not every list can be about high-performance vehicles. Or can they?

Source: Mercedes-Benz via YouTube



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